West Special School

West Special School

Mission Sunday

If you were at BRBC on Sunday morning then you now know all about West Special School. West Special School is a school in western Kenya that values the acceptance, inclusion, and integration of all children with disabilities. The school exists to love and care for these children with a Christ-like love, educating them, and equipping them to fulfill their future dreams.

West Special School exists because standard care and acceptance of children with disabilities in the area doesn’t. Click here to find out more about the plight of children with disabilities in rural western Kenya. And click here to see the first ever promo video for the school, explaining the reasons why the whole project exists.

The school has had the odds stacked against them. Lack of support from local authorities, under funded, and more need than they could ever possibly meet. However, they remain hopeful and ambitious. They want to continue to improve the Christ-centered care and education they provide, as well as reaching self-sustainability through the development of small businesses.

West Special School & BRBC

As a church, we want to help them reach their goals of providing a safe environment for these children and reaching self-sustainability. That’s why on Sunday we learned about Kenya, learned some Kenyan sign language, heard the story of West Special School, heard about the Bible’s teaching on disability, and heard where the school is headed.

We’ve set two basic targets to meet over the next 2 years or so. Firstly, to help them reach self-sustainability through the implementation and development of small businesses (£8,500 to be raised by April 2019). And secondly, completing the toilet block and dormitory (£20,000 to be raised by April 2019).

We said on Sunday morning that we’d provide the necessary links on how to find out more and how to get involved. So here you go.

The Website:


Why We Care:

Disability: Why We Should Care

Future Visits:

March 2018 & July 2018. Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll forward it on to the right person.

How To Pray:

Pray for individual children. Often with agonising histories, they have found a safe place at West Special School, but are still in need of continuing the process of healing and getting to the most healthy place possible.

Pray for the future of the school. The self-sustainability plan runs until April 2019. It’s an exciting plan and opens up a hopeful future, but it won’t be easy to implement.

Pray for the staff. They work tirelessly and from the heart – they are some of God’s unsung heroes of this world.

How to Give:

Account details you need: 60-04-16 (sort code) and 91973821 (account number).

Cheques: Made payable to “Friends of West Special School.”

UK tax payers: We can claim gift aid (an extra 25%) on your giving to West Special School. Please find a gift aid form at BRBC and put it in the offering box at the back of church.

Website give button: It’s been a mission to get this sorted, hopefully it’ll be up and running within the next couple of weeks!

For More Information:

Email: [email protected]


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