Update: Peter and Emily Mason

Update: Peter and Emily Mason

Dear BRBC family,

We hope you’re enjoying summer so far! While we are too, we’ve got autumn on our minds. Not necessarily for the shift in weather or the differences of harvest time, but because by the 20th August, we anticipate seeing all of you in church!

We left Liverpool with tears and excitement on the 12th of June, and immediately began preparing to join you! In between visits with family far & wide (we’ve driven an estimated 2250 miles so far!), we submitted our visa applications and waited approximately 3 weeks for a decision. We have to acknowledge the diligent work of Rachel Balmer and David Hitchcock in tracking down every document and number and scrap of information that was necessary—many thanks to them! And many thanks as well to all of you who’ve been praying; we received an ominous email informing us that ours was a “complex case”, and that we should expect a delay in the decision. After a prayerful weekend and a fair bit of hand-wringing, we were notified that our application had been successful on the very next business day. Our passports are in hand, and we have permission to remain in the UK for 2 years!

We spent last month in Virginia and Pennsylvania visiting Emily’s family, some of whom we hadn’t seen for 2 years! There have been many opportunities already to share the story of how God has led us to BRBC and prepared us for these new roles in ministry; each time we re-tell the story we genuinely feel more and more excited. We’re in Michigan now with Peter’s family, ready for more quality time, adventures, and time to prepare.

After our two years in Liverpool, we had to acknowledge that we were tired! Jumping into a new culture, new church, and new marriage meant that we had been stretched in so many ways and felt constantly “on our toes.” In some ways, this meant that we felt creatively, intellectually, and even emotionally run down! For Emily this meant feeling unable to sit and focus to read a book or write something down; for Peter, it was hard to keep designing and creating new content week in and week out. Something about having this time to reset and refocus has been relly helpful. Rest assured that we are coming to you with plenty of new ideas, our creative muscles are ready to flex and adapt, and we’re feeling ready to be properly introduced to your home and lives!

Until we arrive, keep us in your prayers! Feel free to reach out to us on social media or texts and email, and keep your eyes peeled for our new website, which will host updates and some of our creative projects to connect with family and friends like you!

With excitement and love,

Peter & Emily


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  1. We are so excited at the prospect of having you both here with us in just a few more days! How wonderful of God to give you the opportunity to spend time with family before bringing you back to us. We look forward to meeting some of them if they’re able to visit whilst you’re here. Praying for a smooth passage and sending much love and blessings.

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