The Leadership @ BRBC

The Leadership @ BRBC

The Team.

Over the last few months the church has grown even more. We’ve loved seeing all the new faces and getting to know their individual backgrounds and life stories. But what that means is there is plenty of people who call BRBC their home church and yet don’t know who is serving in the church in the leadership team.

I (James) want to remedy that, and give anybody who is new to BRBC a chance to find out who is leading them, praying for them, caring for them, and giving their time so that BRBC can be what it is.

On the photo…

On the photograph featured with this post you’ll see the leadership team. It was taken last night at our meeting. Before we set to praying for the church, sorting though the administrative milieu, and thinking through how best to lead the church, we stood in my back garden to produce this cheesy pose.

I love these people. They love Jesus, and they know that ultimately it is His church.

I’ll list out the specific roles of each person. Though they each have oversight in their specific area, their roles in leadership are not restricted to what their specific area is. We have a collective voice and many minds on each matter and that is really helpful. So…

From Left to Right.

Gav Milnthorpe. He heads up the music at BRBC. I love his creative thinking, massive mind, passion to minister to God’s people, and sincerity.

Stuart “Hitch” Hitchcock. This guy heads up the Mid-Youth oversight. He’s hard-working, loves adventure, and the kind of person who can make things happen.

Rachel Balmer. This sweet lady heads up the administration at BRBC. She’s always welcoming, keeps my head screwed on and feet on the ground, and just loves the people at BRBC.

David “Darv” Stannard. He heads up the maintenance of the church and grounds. His genuine heart for the Lord is contagious and like many others, he loves to pray for and serve in the church community.

David Hitchcock. This man is the treasurer and an administrator at BRBC. He has given countless hours in service to the church (often those unnoticed, thankless tasks) – beyond and above the call of duty! I love David’s professionalism, generosity, and humility.

Alan Drury. Alan heads up pastoral care, with an emphasis in caring for the older friends in BRBC. Alan is dependable, a true gentleman, and an example of Jesus to so many.

James Martin. This guys spends most of his time wondering how he managed to be counted amongst such wonderful people.

Angus Barnard. He heads up the outreach. Angus is friendly, a gifted thinker, enthusiastic, and has a big heart for people to meet Jesus.

So please say “hello!”

I could say so so so much more about each person. They all give so much to the church. Why? Because they want to follow Jesus, they believe in the mission of His church, and they want to see the people of BRBC know Jesus more.

Now you know who they are, and hopefully, you don’t feel so in the dark. Next time you see them why not say hello or shake their hand or hug them. It’s well worth your time getting to know each one of them!



  1. Avatar Sarah & Jonathan Ibarra : August 2, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Stewart was the first person to say “hi” to my husband and I last Sunday! It was our first visit and we felt so welcome and right at home! We have moved from the states last September and have been searching for a home church ever since! I feel like God had answered our prayers with Bradfield + Rougham Baptist Church and we are very excited to continue our Chrristian walk with you guys! Thank you for making us feel so welcome and sharing God’s word!

    God bless!

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