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Category: Legends
Legends: George Müller

Legends: George Müller

Speaker: James Martin | April 28, 2019

(Evening Service) Speaker: James Martin This evening, we will take a look at the life of one of the most industrious and inspirational Christians of the 19th Century. George Müller, a Prussian missionary to the...




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  • Peace
  • Saviour
  • Joy
  • A Song of Revolution
  • Where's the King?
  • Consciously Different
  • Face-to-Face
  • Wrestling With God
  • The Reassurance We All Need
  • Striped, Spotted & Speckled
  • Right Desire, Wrong Way
  • Blind Love
  • Stones & Ladders
  • Playing Favourites
  • Uncommon Community: Eternal Life Now
  • Uncommon Community: The Witnesses
  • Uncommon Community: Vital Signs
  • Galatians: Freedom to Do Good in the Spirit
  • Uncommon Community: The Test of the Spirit
  • Galatians: Freedom from the Deeds of the Flesh
  • Galatians: Freedom for Freedom
  • Uncommon Community: The Test of Love
  • Galatians: Don't Go Backwards
  • Uncommon Community: Family Traits
  • Galatians: The Freedom of a Family
  • Uncommon Community: What You Heard
  • Galatians: Freedom in a New Identity
  • Uncommon Community: Don't Love the World
  • Galatians: Freedom from Self-Effort
  • Uncommon Community: Knows Where the Light Leads
  • Uncommon Community: Walks in the Light
  • Galatians: Freedom from Fear of Man
  • The Uncommon Community
  • Galatians: Back to Where We Belong
  • Giants: Guilt
  • Giants: Temptation
  • Giants: Purposelessness
  • Giants: Loneliness
  • Giants: Facing Anxiety
  • Giants: Facing the Fear of Death
  • Giants: Facing THE Giant
  • Luke: The End is the Beginning
  • Luke: Things Concerning Himself
  • Luke: The Difference A Day Makes
  • Luke: You Say That I Am
  • Luke: The Cup
  • Luke: An Identity Marker
  • Giver Of Life – The Hope Giver
  • Giver of Life - The Equipper
  • Giver of Life - The Spokesman
  • Giver of Life - The Sanctifier
  • Giver of Life - The Advocate
  • Habakkuk - Even If: Rejoice
  • Habakkuk - Right Now: Faith
  • Habakkuk - How Long: Lament
  • Advent: God Kept His Promise (Family Service)
  • Advent: The Courage Christmas Gives
  • Advent: The Unnoticed Way
  • Stand: We Are His Children
  • Stand: Dairymaids, Nappies, & Priests
  • Stand: Becoming Who You Are
  • Stand: Sola Scriptura
  • Stand: Why Justification Still Matters
  • Luke
    Luke: Temple Showdown Pt.2: He Sees Us
  • Luke
    Luke: Temple Showdown pt. 1: Religious Games
  • Luke
    Luke: The Examined Life
  • Luke
    Luke: Jesus Is All About People
  • Luke
    Luke: Characteristics of a Kingdom Citizen
  • Luke
    Luke: Already, but not yet
  • Luke
    Luke: Scheming Saints
  • Luke
    Luke: The Father's Heart
  • Luke
    Baptismal Service
  • Luke
    Luke: Traits of a No-Show
  • Luke
    Luke: Don't Miss The Big Picture
  • Luke
    Luke: Living in a Fragile World
  • Luke
    Luke: Living in the Hope of Jesus’ Coming
  • Luke
    Luke: The Right Kind of Fear (Part 2)
  • Luke
    Luke: The Right Kind of Fear (Part 1)
  • Luke
    Luke: The Symptoms of Moralism
  • Luke
    Luke: Everything or Nothing
  • Luke
    Luke: What & How To Pray
  • Luke
    Luke: The Wrong Question
  • Luke
    Luke: On Being a Disciple (Part 2)
  • Luke
    Luke: On Being a Disciple (Part 1)
  • Luke
    Luke: Jesus is Trustable
  • Luke
    Luke: Be Careful How You Hear (30th April)
  • Luke
    Luke: Being Real With Jesus
  • Luke
    Luke: Expect Unexpected Faith
  • Luke
    Luke: Jesus’ manifesto for His right side up kingdom part 3
  • Luke
    Luke: Jesus’ manifesto for His right side up kingdom part 2
  • Luke
    Luke: Jesus’ manifesto for His right side up kingdom part 1
  • Luke
    Luke: Moralism and why it is dangerous
  • Luke
    Luke: The Reach of Jesus
  • Luke
    Luke: Wrong Assumptions & Missing Jesus
  • Luke
    Luke: Redeeming Repentance
  • Luke
    Luke: Jesus, The Son of God
  • Luke
    Luke: Christmas Brings Trouble
  • Luke
    Luke: What's So Special About Christmas?
  • Luke
    Luke: Marveling at God's Mindfulness
  • Luke
    Luke: Broken Silence for Broken People
  • Luke
    Luke: That You May Have Certainty
  • Nehemiah: Leaking Heart
  • Nehemiah: Small sacrifices fundermental to the Church
  • Nehemiah: Live The Word
  • Nehemiah: Receive the Word
  • Nehemiah: Hear the Word
  • Nehemiah: One shovel at a time
  • Nehemiah: The Reality of Opposition Part 2
  • Nehemiah: Generosity as a Mark of Grace
  • Nehemiah: Don’t Forget Grace
  • Nehemiah: The Reality of Opposition Part 1
  • Nehemiah: What’s It Going To Take?
  • Nehemiah: Transforming Through Our Habits
  • Nehemiah: Does Anybody Care?
  • One another - Genuine Christian Community
  • One Another - What does it look like
  • One another
  • Love - One another
  • Faith - Rescues
  • Faith - Prays
  • Faith - Waits
  • Faith - Gives
  • Faith - Plans
  • Faith - Submits
  • James - Thinks
  • James - Speaks
  • James - Acts
  • James - Loves
  • James - Obeys
  • James - Perseveres