God’s Cosmic Plan & Purposes for Us In Christ

God's Cosmic Plan & Purposes for Us In Christ

Text: Ephesians 1:1-14

(Evening Service)

Speaker: Scott Pipe-Wolferstan

The Gospel is simple. Simple enough for a child to understand. But at the same time; the realities of the Gospel are not. They can (and will!) baffle the greatest scholars and confuse the highest intellectuals for all eternity. What are the things I am given because of the Gospel? Where are they found? When were these things planned? What is the plan? What’s the point of the whole plan anyway? Paul answers these simple questions in the most cosmic and mind-blowing terms and (probably) longest sentence ever written. The Gospel is designed to show us God in such a way, that we will be enjoying, delighting in and glorying in His immeasurable riches of grace, that He has given us IN Jesus Christ – for all eternity.


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