A New Year Letter

A New Year Letter

Dear Saints!

We’ve come to the end of a full and fruitful year at BRBC. What a joy it’s been to sing, pray, fellowship, worship, grow and learn together! It’s been my first full year as a pastor, and I’ve learned more about God, church life and myself than I could possibly condense into a few words. I can do nothing but give thanks to the Lord for what He’s done and is doing in and through ordinary people like you and me.

For 183 years BRBC has been faithfully proclaiming and serving in our beautiful little corner of the world. With Abi Last’s “concern for the souls” in Bradfield and Rougham etched into our church DNA, we now pick up the baton to continue where the generations before us have left. We’re looking ahead to 2017 full of hope, celebrating what has been and with the joyful expectation that God do all the more in and through us.

As we look forward let’s be sure to find comfort and challenge in two things. Firstly, that BRBC is Jesus’ church alone – it’s a church He dearly loves and will care for. Secondly, that Jesus’ church is not based on the skills and talents of a few, but upon the sacrifices of the many. We’ve seen this to be true in 2016 (and I thank the Lord and each of you because it has been a joy to see both God’s care and your willing sacrifice at BRBC!) and we’ll ready ourselves for the same in 2017.

Let’s keep growing and developing into the full reality of loving Jesus and helping others to do the same. Let’s keep standing firm on the never-changing truth of the Gospel yet constantly thinking how to best communicate that Gospel to the ever-changing world. Let’s be a church full of people fully committed to the Lord, ready to reach out in a fresh way to the needy world around us. Let’s be the kind of people that the BRBC fifty years from now would thank us for being. Most of all, as individuals and as a church, let’s joyfully live into the fullness of the salvation we have been given!

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Love you people! Your pastor,



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