Men’s Ministry Update

Men's Ministry Update

by Simon Pickering

New dates

Hopefully you should have received a postcard from our Men’s Ministry team giving you the dates for the year ahead, but in case you haven’t, there is a digital version below and please feel free to grab one at BRBC.

Here at BRBC, we have been running Men’s Ministry for just over a year, led by the current team. It’s been a great first year and we’re looking to the exciting events coming up. The aim of this post is simply to communicate what BRBC’s Men Ministry is all about, why we need it, and what’s happening this year.

Whats it all about? 

The vision of Men’s Ministry is not that different to the wider mission of BRBC, that is, to love Jesus together and help others do the same. As a church, we believe that’s the way every church collectively and every Christian individually needs to live. We want to see BRBC fulfilling it’s mission in all areas of church life, and that includes Men’s Ministry.

Why we need it.

I recently read a piece of research* that said, “50% of men report that they are comfortable in a ladies underwear shop,” and this is compared with “33% feel comfortable in church.” Did you see that? The study found that, generally, men are less comfortable in a church than when they awkwardly find themselves in a ladies underwear shop (NB: the study doesn’t define how a man could find himself is such a fearful situation). But you must agree, as funny as the findings are, that’s an eye-opening statistic.

Additionally, that same research group reports that leading a dad to Christ creates a 93% probability of his family following, the statistics for mothers is 17% and only 3.5% for children.

What do we see when we put these statistics (and other similar research conclusions) together? Simple. We need to reach and grow men, but we need to do so in environments that help diffuse the often-felt initial discomfort of Sunday mornings.

As a group leading this ministry, we often find ourselves looking at Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” which in essence is the purpose of having an active men’s ministry to encourage us to walk more closely with Jesus and help others do the same. Men’s ministry is not about a single sex ministry taking priority, it’s more about the need to enable men to be reached and grow, by providing a means for men at BRBC to strive to live for Jesus day by day, modelling his love and grace in their homes, to their families and within their work places. This ministry is to men, but we hope the benefits will be felt throughout the whole church family.

What’s happening this year? 

Men’s Ministry at BRBC is broken down into three core activities: Socials, Theology on Tap and Men’s Breakfast. And each core activity has a purpose, so let’s to outline them:

Socials – A completely invitational event for men with no church connection at all. The socials have no teaching content; it’s just men sharing time together.

If you have friends, family and colleagues who think Christian men are mad then these events will prove it… errh, sorry… I mean, this is an ideal opportunity to bring them along and let them find out that we are reasonably normal people.

Theology on Tap – These events are aimed at men interested to know more about being a follower of Jesus and what his message actually means. These will be invitational yet with basic content, and importantly not in a conventional Church environment.

Grab a pint and sit down to talk through some key topics associated with being a follower of Jesus. This year’s theme is the words of Jesus and exploring how His words relate to our day to day existence. These evenings are a great opportunity for not-yet Christians and already-Christians to find out more about following Jesus, and a space to grapple with some big questions.

Men’s Breakfast – These events are aimed at current followers of Jesus; Christian men looking to be challenged to serve more and think of ways to connect with men of no faith. We hope the content will be rich, encouraging, thought provoking and challenging.

These will be hosted at BRBC; there’s always lots of food, coffee and conversation. We invite a different speaker each time to share their story, or share with us about a particular ministry they are involved with or bring an issue that they want to speak about that connects with us. Breakfast is free but we ask for a donation towards BRBC’s work with West Special School.

It is our hope that you will be able to join us and invite others along. We are excited by the prospect of leading this ministry and it’s potential to reach men for Jesus and grow men to follow Jesus more closely.

We’ll write later on in the year with some more thought provoking content – watch this space.

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Blog by Simon Pickering on behalf of the Men’s Ministry team – Andy Medcalf, David Howard, Anthony Hitchcock and Mitch Fossum

* Sourced from: / ‘Evangelicals Now’ 2003



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