Disability: Why We Should Care

Disability & Our Need I know most people don’t need much convincing about why they should care for persons with disabilities. It’s an ethical given in our way of life. I’m sure the reaction of most people would be, “you don’t have to bring it up, persons with disabilities are fully accepted and included into our way of life. What’s the big deal? Why do we need to think about it?” While I appreciate the sentiment, I can see from my experience and observations that more thought needs to be given to the matter. So, I want to drill down a little further, and help us think a bit more; to think about exactly why disability should matter to us in the context of BRBC, in our everyday lives, and further afield into other cultures and contexts. Biblically Speaking. At BRBC we confess to the authority of God’s Word, the Bible. We believe it is God-breathed and therefore, is the grounds for our thinking, our behaviour, and our core, foundational beliefs about reality. The Bible reveals who God is, what He’s all about, and what we are to do about that. You might well be tracking me on the need to thinking about disability more and tracking with me on what the Bible is, but starting to think whether or not the two converge. Does the Bible actually have much to say about disability? The answer, is yes. The Bible has so very much to say about it. In the Bible we find a God who has a massive heart for persons with disabilities; a God with huge levels of compassion for those who experience such limitations, and especially for those who are segregated because of their disability. Disability is an important topic as far as the Bible is concerned. Why … Continue reading Disability: Why We Should Care