Jul 2017
West Special School

Mission Sunday If you were at BRBC on Sunday morning then you now know all about West Special School. West Special School is a school in western Kenya that values the acceptance, inclusion, and integration of all children with disabilities. The school exists to love and care for these children with a Christ-like love, educating them, and equipping them to fulfill their future dreams. West Special School exists because standard care and acceptance of children with disabilities in the area doesn’t. Click here to find out more about the plight of children with disabilities......

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The Leadership @ BRBC
June 27, 2017

The Leadership @ BRBC

The Team. Over the last few months the church has grown even more. We’ve loved seeing all the new faces and getting to know their individual backgrounds and life stories. But what that means is...

Peter & Emily Mason
May 25, 2017

Peter & Emily Mason

There Are Exciting Times Ahead …but it’s going to take your prayer and patience. We’ve Been Searching Any of you connected with BRBC will know that we have been looking for another full-time member of...